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When your roof has suffered damage after a recent storm or age is requiring extra maintenance, call Fidelity Roofing. We’ll be right out!

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Extending the Life of Your Roof

Many times a simple roof repair is all that’s needed for your roof to continue doing its job well. General maintenance is required for all roofing systems and should always be scheduled to extend the life of your roof. For example, over time, the sun’s rays can cause deterioration of the seals around your boots, or cracked flashing around your chimney allowing those pesky leaks. These are simple repairs and can prolong the life of your roof if taken care of promptly. A leak doesn’t always mean you need a new roof. However, a leak does need immediate attention to prevent future damage and more costly repairs down the road.  Our honest roofers will do everything they can to keep your existing roof in working order.

Storm Damage

Has your roof sprung a leak during or after a storm?  Are you now missing shingles? Fidelity Roofing will be right out!  When your roof has suffered this type of damage, you need immediate service and a reputable and knowledgeable roofing contractor.  Depending on the severity and the type of damage sustained, damages are most often covered by insurance.  We will provide you a detailed estimate of the recommended repairs, help you with the insurance claims process, then get to work restoring and prolonging the life of your roof. Call 828-708-7663 for your free roof inspection and get your roof fixed fast!

When Should You Call Fidelity Roofing?

Roof Leak: A water spot on your ceiling is the first sign many homeowners see. Followed by dripping water if it’s severe. An active roof leak is an obvious sign, but there are other signs you can look for as well and hopefully avoid a leaky roof.

Damaged Shingles: A walk around your home can tell you a lot. If you spot missing or curled shingles, maybe after a recent storm, call us! The asphalt shingles that make up your roof have the primary job of keeping your home dry and protected. If these shingles are compromised, you now have entry points for rainwater to enter.  Addressing these problems early can mean the difference between a small repair or a roof replacement. Missing or damaged shingles can cause excess moisture buildup that harms your roof structure and spreads to your home’s interior if left alone. 

Granule Loss: The granules on your shingles act as a protective barrier. As your roof ages, you may notice some of the granules start to fall off and end up in your gutters or around your home. Storms that bring strong winds, rain, or hail can also cause a premature loss of these granules. This is especially true after a hail storm. Hail damage is not easily seen without an inspection from a professional roofer who knows what to look for. Fidelity Roofing will conduct a complimentary inspection of your roof to see if your roof needs only a few shingle replacements or it has reached its life expectancy and needs to be completely reroofed.

Have you had your roof checked lately?

Regular inspections will ensure that it's functioning correctly, to make sure your roof keeps you, your family, and your property well protected for years to come.

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